Welcome to FitBodyCoach!

Are you tired of TRYING to lose weight?

Here at FitBodyCoach Personal Training I specialize in weight loss, performance, toning and shaping.

I use numerous approaches for achieving optimal RESULTS. Not only  will I have you at your peak physical condition, but  you will also gain determination and will power like you have never had before!

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, reshape your body or improve your overall health, FitBodyCoach can help!

Together, you and your FitBodyCoach will discuss proper diet and customize a realistic and maintainable way for you to change your lifestyle and fitness habits for good!

At FitBodyCoach, I take a Functional, Holistic approach to training.  I train bodies the way they are used in everyday life.  In other words, my training systems and movement patterns mimic those used day-to-day.  Every workout will be fun and challenging as you’ll have the opportunity to use a variety of functional equipment such as the BOSU balance ball, medicine ball, agility hurdles, TRX, etc.  Whether its sport or just activities of daily life, the benefits of your individualized program will directly transfer to your daily life making you stronger, better coordinated, more agile, and less prone to injury.  At the same time, you’ll boost your calorie burn and accelerate your results!

FitBodyCoach is a source of motivation and encouragement as well as a resource for the latest information on health, fitness and nutrition.

FitBodyCoach will also provide you with the energy and focus to take your health and fitness to a whole new level.

Whether your goals are weight loss, body sculpting or increased confidence and energy, by following an exercise routine tailored to your unique needs, you will reach your fitness goals in a fraction of the time that it would take you on your own!

Book your FREE CONSULTATION and take that first step!

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Visit me at YWCA Health + Fitness, Metro Vancouver

Your health is your most precious commodity –so why not protect your investment each day. ~ Monica Tangry

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